Core Values

  1. We believe The United States of America is a free country, a net-positive to the world at large, and is worth protecting.
  2. We believe the Constitution & Bill of Rights are essential and must be prioritized and respected.
  3. We believe in a limited government system that "represents" constituents, instead of "ruling over" them.
  4. We believe in the sanctity and importance of the family unit, including the protection of the unborn.
  5. We see people for who they are, not for their skin color, gender, or ethnicity. We believe that we ought to be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.
  6. We believe in a free-market system of economics that prioritizes the voluntary exchange of goods between consumers and the businesses they patronize; free from as much government intervention as possible.
  7. We believe in the rights of individuals to take responsibility for their own health choices. (ie. we stand against vaccine mandates and vaccine passports).


We at PublicSq. believe that technology, when used correctly, can be a wonderful tool that furthers human connection, shifts the power structures of society back towards “we the people”, and creates prosperous and “free” communities. Adversely, technology can also be used as a detrimental tool; one that distorts connection, perverts freedom, and manipulates the users.

In our quest to help restore the “public square”, we are providing a transparent platform that brings the power back to the people in local communities and refuses to infringe upon the trust given by individuals to our platform.

In that light, it’s important we make known to our community a few core pillars of the PublicSq. experience:

  • You, the user, are NOT the product. Your personal data is never sold; not to a third party, not to advertisers, not to anyone.
  • Your data and personal information are never shared. The only way anyone knows your name, email, or phone number is if you willingly post it yourself. You get to choose what to do with your personal information.
  • We earn revenue through a subscription-based advertising model. Meaning, Advertisers on our platform pay PublicSq. monthly subscription fees in exchange for certain features and increased exposure on the app. We don’t need to share user data in order to earn revenue.
  • We are registered as a Delaware C-Corp called “PSQ Holdings Inc.” doing business as “PublicSq.”, headquartered in the State of California.
  • We have received investment from accredited investors who are values-aligned with our leadership team and are as driven by the return on impact as they are the return on investment.
  • PublicSq. is published as a website in addition to being published on Apple App Store and Google Play. Our platform is not reliant upon an exclusively mobile environment.
  • We will NEVER deem or label an opinion, thought, or fact as “misinformation”. We are a technology company, not the arbiters of truth. What the 1st Amendment allows, we protect.